Can Marriage Education Be Romantic? This marriage counselor thinks so…

May 12, 2010 by

As a marriage counselor and marriage educator I spend a lot of time convincing people that they need a marriage education workshop. Afterwards, of course, every one of them thanks me for twisting their arms and getting them to attend.

I read this blurb in a newsletter I receive that focuses on relationship education.  The woman who was interviewed by a reporter from a men's magazine challenged her about just how romantic such a workshop might be. Here’s what she replied, “The reporter said all my talk about Marriage Education and learning skills, wasn't very romantic.  I countered that, "Actually, it's very romantic!"  Seriously, I asked him, which is more romantic? To say, Beloved, I know the divorce rate for first-time marriages is 50% and much higher for remarriages, but I love you so much I want to marry you anyway.  Our love is SO special, I'm sure we can make it last.  Or, is it more romantic to say, Beloved, I want to marry you and I love you so much that I want to take a Marriage Education class and learn everything the experts know about creating and maintaining a smart, sexy, successful marriage - to make SURE we can make it last. It's much more romantic to pull your head out of the sand and walk hand-in-hand into a Marriage Education class.  If you want to be really romantic, take several classes.  Cover your bases.”

Marriage education is the closest to a marriage guarantee you are going to get!

Romance can last a life time if we know how to stay in connection with our partner.  Any marriage counselor will tell you that if you want your relationship to succeed you need insights, information and tools that give you a greater chance. That is exactly what marriage education does…provide insights, education and tools for success.

Take a look at what Portland Relationship Center offers in marriage education. Follow this workshop link and check out Getting the Love you Want, our relationship course. Check out our Free Resources while you are visiting our website. There is a new audio featuring Tim and Norene talking about marriage education.