Avoid Money Problems By Having Regular Talks

January 5, 2013 by

Most clients of mine have money problems. As a Portland marriage counselor I see people from many walks of life. One thing most of them have in common is that they don’t know how to talk about money.

Perhaps never before has it been so essential to stay on top of your earnings and your spending and savings habits. It is crucial to understand your attitudes about money so that you will use this hard to come by resource wisely. Most couples don’t seem to have a good way to discuss their financial differences without having a conflict. We all hate conflict so we end up not talking about any money problems when they are small enough to resolve. Later when the problem mounts we have an even bigger conflict.

Maybe You Don’t Know How to Talk About Money

In my position as a Portland marriage counselor I suggest to couples that they learn how to talk about money successfully so that they don’t have to be afraid to have regular budget meetings.  We should talk about our family finances once a month at a minimum. Ideally we would talk weekly in order to avoid mounting money problems. It is also important that both partners are involved in financial tracking and decisions. It is fine for one partner to take on the major role of bookkeeper, but both partners need to be kept abreast of how well the earnings, banking and bills are balancing out. Both partners must work together to set a budget and set goals for savings, major purchases and retirement.

Many couples never learned how to talk about money. In order to eliminate or avoid fighting about your finances, consider taking a Money Habitudes Workshop. This award winning one-day class will help you understand your money habits and attitudes and will give you a basis for future conversations. By all means do not avoid talking about finances or you may develop money problems.