A Relationship Coach Explains How to Date While Traveling

November 10, 2016 by

After college, it’s common to see your friends and classmates posting about big events in their lives. This may involve weddings, birth announcements, work promotions, or first homes.

And some friends might take the time to travel the world, heading to new cities every week. After all, young people often hear that now is the time to travel.

What do people mean by “now”? Usually, this means that, as a young and single person who isn’t too deep into their career, this is the best time to get out into the world, see new things, and hold off on making any big commitments.

But why shouldn’t you explore every opportunity available to you? Why shouldn’t you date – and even look for a marriage partner – while traveling the world and keeping your options open? It is possible?

As a Portland relationship coach, I can say “yes” with authority.

Everyone’s story about how they met their spouse is different. But it is possible to date while moving from place to place or traveling.

Here are some tips for dating while traveling:

Be honest about your priorities.

People often feel pressured, especially after graduating college and finding a steady job, to begin looking for “the one” and starting a family. If you’re not looking for “the one,” but still would like to find someone to have fun with, that’s okay!

Just be honest with potential partners about your priorities. If you are on a date with someone who is planning on getting married and having children in the next few years, you might end up in a sticky situation sooner rather than later. Let them know if marriage isn’t in the cards for you right now.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

As we mentioned before, everyone’s story is different. Some people fall in love later than others. This has nothing to do with your worth, personality, or ability to date.

It’s easy to feel discouraged when your friends are off getting married and having kids and you’ve been on a streak of bad dates (or no dates at all). But don’t let your peers’ stories rattle your confidence. After all, you don’t know where in the world your soulmate might be hiding!

Be open to long distance.

Many young people close themselves off to the idea of dating someone far away after hearing horror stories about long-distance relationships. While long-distance certainly has its challenges, it is becoming an easier option with the technology and social media platforms available to us now.

So don’t rule out long-distance relationships (or relationships with people who are constantly traveling back and forth) – especially if you are not ready to settle down yet! After all, a few years of long-distance may turn into decades of wedded bliss down the road.

For more tips on how to build meaningful relationships and enjoy dating at any stage in your life, contact a Portland relationship coach today.