A Portland Marriage Counselor Explains Relationship Education through Imago Therapy

December 1, 2011 by

In a recent Portland marriage counselor blog, I wrote about how relationship education can help all of your relationships, not just your romantic ones. Relationship problems most often come from unrealistic expectations and a lack of understanding or communication between two people, and relationship education teaches you how to recognize this in your relationships and move past the hurdle.

But to most of my clients, relationship education means learning how to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of being married or having a significant other. These are people who want to approach their relationship in a conscious way to ensure its success. In cases like that, Imago training is especially useful.

Imago Tells Us Why We Connect, Says Portland Marriage Counselor

Relationship education tells us that the relationship problems we are experiencing are normal for most people and provides methods to move past those problems. An Imago trained Portland marriage counselor can take that a step further, detailing why we are attracted to certain types of people, and how that increases the likelihood of us experiencing the same kind of relationship problems over and over. By making you aware of this unconscious preference and describing how “love” works in the brain, Imago allows you to deal with it in the same way that relationship education has you deal with communication issues and other things that cause relationship problems.

A Portland Marriage Counselor Can Help You to Stay Connected

Relationship education with a Portland marriage counselor using the Imago model can clarify the evolution of your relationship in a way that makes sense of your current relationship problems. The troubles for most relationships begin when we move on from romantic love and infatuation to the “power struggle” phase of our relationship. It can be tough to fully give ourselves over to another person and trust them completely, and this is the stage where our natural instincts cause us to put up defenses and butt heads with our partners.

There is no way to simply avoid this phase of the relationship, but learning about it beforehand and recognizing it for what it is can be extremely helpful. Imago relationship education courses with a Portland marriage counselor also teach you to jointly create a vision of your relationship that you can go back to if either of you ever feel like you’re going off track, and provide each of you with a new way to talk and listen to one another that emphasizes understanding and acceptance.

If you’ve been experiencing relationship problems and would like to schedule relationship education using the Imago model, contact a Portland marriage counselor today.