5 Simple Things All Happy Couples Do

January 4, 2017 by

Every year, we make an assortment of New Year’s resolutions: dieting, exercising, career advancement, or spending more time with our families. Most of these different resolutions share the same ultimate goal: to achieve positive or happy feelings about ourselves or our lives.

So why not scrap all of the little resolutions and go for a big one? Be happier in our lives, with ourselves, and within all of our relationships.

You can do this in many ways, but here are a few habits of happy couples to consider bringing into your life for a more fulfilling relationship.

Express Your Feelings (And Gratitude)

Happy couples express their feelings and gratitude for one another regularly. Don’t take your partner (or anyone in your life!) for granted. Tell your partner how much they mean to you, why you love them, and what you love about them.

This outpouring of love and positivity will forge a deeper bond and understanding, while showing your partner that he or she is truly loved. Set a measurable resolution, such as telling your partner one new thing you love about them every day.

Make Spending Time Together a Priority

In the rush of kids, careers, and the demands of everyday life, don’t let your relationship take the backseat.

Go on regular date nights. Forgo those overtime hours. Splurge on a babysitter. Say ‘no’ to another commitment. Happy couples make their relationship a priority

Have Separate Lives

Time together is important, but the flip side also shouldn’t be neglected. Happy couples have separate goals and identities.

The time and experiences apart give them something to talk about when they are together. It keeps things interesting. Give each other the space to explore and grow.

Ask About Each Other’s Day

This simple act can really show your partner that you care. Your job doesn’t end at asking about your partner’s day; happy couples really listen to one another.

Learn a little bit more about your partner’s job, co-workers, or what they do around the house while you’re at work. Remembering the little things goes a long way when you want to comfort your partner or give them advice.

Practice forgiveness

No couple is without conflict, even the happiest ones. The difference is the way those conflicts are resolved. Focus on healthier ways to communicate about disagreements.

And most importantly, forgive one another for your missteps and hurts. Acknowledge your partner’s efforts, and recognize how they are trying to improve.

These 5 simple habits can go a long way, but they still take effort and intention throughout the entire year. For more information on how you can make 2017 the best year for your relationship, contact a Portland relationship coach.