5 Ideas for Day Dates for Retired Couples from a Portland Relationship Therapist

November 24, 2016 by

One of the biggest adjustments to retired life is figuring out how to spend your 9 to 5. We get so used to spending our weekdays working that having an ample amount of free time is almost… frustrating.

But look on the bright side. As I tell my Portland relationship therapist clients, this creates a great opportunity to go on more unique romantic excursions with your partner! By going out in the day, it shakes things up a bit (and allows you to get to bed a little earlier!).

Here are a few fun ideas for day dates to consider when planning out your week:

Dog Walking Date – Many animal shelters allow volunteers to take dogs out for the day to go on a walk or have some time away from the routine of being in a shelter.
“Test drive” a furry friend for the morning or afternoon to add extra fun to a day of shopping or strolling around town with your partner. Alternatively, you can plan a hiking day trip to get in a good workout for all three of you!

Matinee Showing – Now that you have open hours, you can take advantage of matinee pricing at your local theater! For an extra adventure, blindly pick a movie you haven’t heard of before. It may become your next favorite flick (and if it’s terrible, it can be a good laugh for you and your spouse).

Picnic – Sometimes you have to go with the classics. On the next sunny day, set up a proper picnic, basket and all. With more free time, you can explore different parks and green spaces around Oregon while enjoying a nice lunch date!

Shopping with a Twist – Shopping dates are not always the most exciting, so let’s add a little twist to spice things up. Only venture into shops that you’ve never shopped in before. It will be a great way to explore new local businesses and step out of the same old shopping routine.

Wine Tasting – Ah, the good life of being retired. Your schedule is open and you have no responsibilities at home – why not have a little wine? Take a tour of local wineries and get a little tipsy with your afternoon lunch. Or turn it into an overnight date by renting a room at a nice B&B close to the winery.

These day dates will help you step out of your routine and enjoy some quality time with your spouse. For more ideas on how to strengthen your relationship as a new retiree, contact our office today.