Saving Your Marriage by Recession Proofing your Relationship – Part 1

September 21, 2009 by

Are you worried about saving your marriage, and at the same time worried about saving money in these shaky financial times? Need some relationship help around money? When couples are worried about finances, they have more conflict. Are you feeling more distant from your partner because one or both of you are worried about money or the future? Do you need relationship advice, but cannot afford it with money being tight?

Although your stress about money may increase in the months ahead, your romantic relationship need not suffer. In fact, it can flourish. Here are a few things to help you to stay connected in the current economic climate. If you practice these small steps, you won’t have to worry about saving your marriage. Your marriage will not only survive the ups and downs, your relationship will thrive.

  • Schedule two fun date nights per week whether you want to or not! Dates need not be spendy. When you were falling in love with your partner everything you did was fun and exciting, even going to the Laundromat. Make a list together of free and low cost ideas for fun dates. Ride the bus to a spot for a hike; go inter-tubing or sledding at a nearby location; look at the community section of the newspaper for local events at churches and other free venues; build a fire and play a board game; go to the park and play on the equipment.
  • Don’t let your frustrations with the economy spill out onto your sweetie. It is common for couples to turn on one another because they are angry about things outside of their control. Marital problems are made worse by venting anger at your spouse over the matters that are outside your control. Instead, stop, breathe and ask yourself, “Is my partner the real cause of my upset?” If the answer is “no”, (and they most likely are not) then consider the next relationship help tip.
  • Do share your fears and concerns with your partner. Intimacy is enriched by sharing our feelings in ways that don’t blame or shame the other. Real closeness comes from letting your partner see inside of your heart and your mind. Have a budget meeting and take stock of your financial situation. Work together to improve your spending patterns. Saving your marriage might require that you work on saving more money each month. The effort is worth it.

More on this topic in our next post. If you want to learn more about saving your marriage, go to our free resources for more marriage help.