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Norene Gonsiewski, MSC, LCSW, Relationship Coach and Certified Imago Therapist

When couples experience relationship problems they often do not know where to turn for help. The relationship advice of family and friends is often doing more harm than good as each individual in the relationship receives hopefully well meaning yet biased and partial advice from their respective loved ones.

Fortunately for you, we have free resources to help you.

Also the stigma assigned to traditional psychotherapy methods may keep couples from searching out the marriage coaching and counseling services they may desperately need. Fortunately, the despair and hopelessness felt by couples struggling to maintain their relationship does not have to be a permanent condition.

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Your most basic relationship is with yourself so if you need individual work we can work with you alone.

  • Are you happy with your choices...
  • your moods
  • your self-esteem and your motivation?

If not, then your life and your relationships will suffer.

Our name, Portland Relationship Center, reflects our belief that all of your problems, big and small, can be bettered by improving your treatment of yourself, and others. In other words, by improving the quality of all of yours relationships you will improve your moods, your motivation and your behavior.

We have a Unique Way We Deliver Our Services

We use Distance Technology and "See You" via zoom or telephone.  Life in a crowed city means lots of time spent in traffic commuting to work, school and medical appointments. Increasingly couples are stuck in traffic, late for their session, or on-time but stressed from traffic. We have discovered that couples like you enjoy working with us from the privacy of your home. You can get the kids out the door to school and sit down on your couch to see us via Skype. Or tuck them in at night and see your relationship coach without paying for a sitter. As shown in research studies, distance coaching is as effective as face-to-face, minus some of the hassle.


Relationship Problems – Is Now The Time To Act?

If you are encountering problems you may have found that it is easier to procrastinate rather than to seek the relationship advice and tools that you need. You may have even been waiting to seek  coaching or counseling services for years... Meantime with your individual and relationship problems only growing worse.

Our services are designed to assist individuals and couples in making sustainable changes that will benefit them and their families throughout their lives. Using cutting edge research and best practices ensures that our clients receive the most up-to-date treatment modalities available.

Because counseling and treatment is not one-size-fits-all, clients will be assessed in order to determine the treatment methods most suitable to resolve their problems and meet their needs.

Our mission is to offer you the best help available for your relationship problems, and the tools and resources you need to build lasting relationships. The relationship advice we offer focuses on...

  • Helping you to understand your contribution to the problems in your relationship, and what you can do differently to create the relationship of your dreams.
  • And on using the energy of the present to create the future.

Workshops, Relationship Coaching and Counseling Services

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Group and Private Relationship Coaching

We have many free resources available to help you learn more about our firm, our counselors and relationship problems in general. Our resources are free to you and contain the answers to many questions that you may have.