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The Portland Relationship Center regularly offers couples workshops that are appropriate for Couples that wish to enrich their relationship and for those that are trying to save their troubled marriage.

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The Getting the Love you Want workshop was created by Dr. Harville Hendrix to help couples like you. The number of couples allowed to attend the workshop is limited in an effort to provide couples with a comfortable and stress-free environment in which to learn and grow. Couples will not be required to divulge any personal information unless they feel inclined to do so.

The purpose of the workshop is to help couples discover or rediscover the joy of their relationship while teaching skills that can be used beyond the workshop. It is not just a “feel good” experience and it is that as well.

Couples workshops are appropriate for couples on all points of the relationship timeline. From couples just beginning their relationship to those couples that have been together for many years, the workshop is designed to offer insight into each relationship as well as help rekindle and fuel romance and intimacy. The couples workshops are an excellent premarital counseling tool as they assist couples in identifying each of the individual’s desires and learning how to appropriately express these desires to one another.

For those couples in the midst of a troubled marriage, the workshop can help uncover the root of the relationship problems and find effective and healthy ways to resolve these issues.

  • Couples workshops investment is $750 per couple and is presented by the staff of the Portland Relationship Center.
  • The workshops typically begin on Friday evening (6:00pm-8:00pm) and are continued on both Saturday and Sunday (9:00am-6:00pm).
  • The workshop fee does include all course materials that will be needed and will include light snacks as well.
  • However, lodging is not included in the fee, and each couple will be responsible for taking care of their own lodging reservations.

Want to learn more details about the workshop? Download the Getting the Love You Want Workshop brochure.

  • "I wish we had done this years’ ago! Not only are the tools effective, the information blew me away." Gary- Portland
  • "Tim and Norene are energetic, caring, helpful and devoted. You can tell that they love the material." Lauren-Portland
  • "I give this workshop four stars!" Eric- Sacramento
  • "I can't believe that I just sat through an entire weekend with my wife, without interruption, for the sole purpose of improving our marriage. I don't know why I resisted so much, because this was fantastic and life changing." Dean-Bend
  • "The Imago workshop is show stopping and relationship transforming. Not only did I learn about myself and my partner, we were given tools to last a lifetime." Michael-Portland
  • "Norene and Tim make the workshop very safe. My boyfriend and I were scared and self-conscious, but we didn't have to do anything uncomfortable. We are so happy we came." Aimee-Portland

Not all of our workshops are couples workshops.

If you are single and interested in what Imago theory has to offer you, Portland Relationship Center presents Keeping the Love you Find, developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix to help you to heal your childhood wounds, find closure with past relationships, discover "what went wrong in romance" and "what I can learn from my past" and to make behavioral changes and learn communication tools.

If you are tired of repeating the same old relationship patterns, if you realize that no matter how many breakups you suffer, you still pick the same type of partner and if you are ready to unlock the cage you have built around your heart, then this workshop is perfect for you.

Imago Relationship work is rich with insights, tools and healing for singles. For those who are not in a committed relationship, Imago provides these opportunities for growth. In a safe small group setting participants learn and practice together. There is an optional 8 week follow-up group to deepen the experience.

Not Just Couples Workshops – Special Workshops

Along with our regular couples workshops and workshops for singles we also offer other workshops periodically to compliment our regular offerings. Please check back or sign up for our free resources to see postings of the following workshops:

Money Partners: This one day workshop is for couples interested in getting better techniques for discussing money and financial issues using the Imago dialogue and the expertise of a financial therapist. Norene Gonsiewski, LCSW and Brian Farr, LPC combine their talents as couple’s counselors to help you learn to have a healthy financial partnership. Prior exposure to Imago therapy is necessary.

Healing through Compassion: This two day workshop is a powerful tool for combating depression. It is designed to transform your negative self-talk into positive self-esteem. Learn to stop judging yourself and instead to become your own best friend. Exchange your judgments of others for curiosity about differences and a new means of connection.

Deepening the Dialogue: This is a one day couples workshop for couples who have been to the Getting the Love You Want Workshop, and who would like to improve upon their dialogue skills. The workshop uses advanced exercises for getting under “the tip of the iceberg” and to the issues below the surface.

Renewing your Relationship Vision: On the first Saturday of the year, join us for this three hour couples workshop, to look back at the accomplishments of the year past and to plot your course and your goals for the year ahead. This workshop is designed for those couples who use the Imago dialogue and structured to help you leave with your relationship road map. This workshop is fun, exciting, positive and creative. You will have a wonderful time and a sense of renewal

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Click the link or call us at 503-810-2743. In order to best serve your needs and utilize the talents of our therapists and trainers, we offer new workshops all the time.

We have many free resources available to help you learn more about our firm, our counselors and relationship issues in general. These resources are free to you and contain the answers to many questions that you may have. To learn more about the services we provide, visit our Services page.